The department of Physiology , Biophysics and Systems Biology is a home for research groups that focus on the function of living systems in general, and human body systems—in health and disease—in particular. The range of research activities within the department is wide, extending from single protein mechanisms and dynamics to whole body flows and forces, analyzed over sub-millisecond to many days and weeks. Standing at the basis of all these research activities is the insistence on studying processes rather than objects, follow the scientific questions rather than adhering to technologies, taking the integrative-interactive point of view at multiple scales and levels of organization. Hence the set of applied concepts and tools: ranging from cellular, sub-cellular and protein biology to whole organism dynamics, and from protein biology and biophysics to system engineering. We view our mission—actively protect and promote the study of integrative nature of living systems—no less than critical. Congruent with this, the department encourages its graduate students to acquire a broad, multi-scale view of structure and dynamics of the human body by taking infrastructural courses.

The department welcomes research students with solid background in biology or exact science or engineering.